Zebra Technologies has listened to customer requests for a user-friendly thermal transfer printer.

What is the result?

Introducing the Zebra ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer

The Zebra ZD420 is an easy-to-use, easy-to-load Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer. This piece of hardware is essentially an improved version of the Zebra Desktop Printer line. An example of one of these printers is the GX420T.

What Makes the Zebra ZD420 So Special?

The ZD420 has one enormous advantage over every other Zebra Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer: an easy-to-load Ribbon Cartridge.

Typically a thermal transfer ribbon would be on a roll, and that roll would have to be manually installed into a Thermal Transfer Printer.

This process can take up to a minute, and it can be messy and difficult to accomplish in the correct manner. 

The Zebra ZD420 replaces this time-consuming process with a much easier-to-load Ribbon Cartridge.

Check out our Youtube video on the Zebra ZD420, which features a quick demonstration of the media loading process.

Zebra ZD420

Loading the Ribbon is Fool-Proof

Multiple Interface and Connectivity Options

The Zebra ZD420 offers a HUGE variety of interface and connectivity options.

With virtually every modern wired and wireless connectivity option and support for many printer languages, deployment is always fast and easy: just unplug your existing printer, plug in the ZD420 and you’re back up and running.

Add new connectivity and media handling options whenever you need them, right on site. Monitor and manage all your ZD420 printers from the cloud, for unsurpassed management simplicity.

The Zebra ZD420 can handle all types of printer media.

For example, the Zebra ZD420 has a moveable media sensor that can accommodate black bar sensor, full width, and gap sensing labels.

This makes switching out labels fast and easy.

The ZD420 also offers Direct Thermal printing capabilities. End users have the option of switching from thermal transfer to direct thermal with a few clicks of a mouse.

The Zebra ZD420 is highly adaptable to meet your current and future needs.

The Zebra ZD420 can accommodate a variety of different printer media core sizes. The maximum outer diameter for the ZD410 is 5″, but the core sizes range from the following:

.50″, .75″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, and even 3″ with an optional adapter.

This feature puts the ZD420 at a great advantage over the older line of Zebra Desktop Printers. The GX420T can only handle media with a 1″ core, and a 5″ outer diameter.

The Zebra ZD420 is easy to operate and easy to troubleshoot.

The ZD420 features a simple, user-friendly control panel. There are only five status icons on the printer itself: status, pause, data, supplies, and network.

This allows you to receive updates with a quick glance. These icons will inform you if your printer media is running low, or if you’ve lost network connection.

Easy to clean and sanitize Healthcare Models are available.

The ZD420 is available in a Healthcare Model with disinfectant-ready plastics and a sealed button interface that makes it easy to clean and disinfect.

These features are crucial in hospitals and clinics.

The ZD420 also fits easily in space constrained pharmacies, labs and nurses stations. And with its 300 dpi printing option, even the small labels on specimen containers and prescriptions are highly legible

Pick from 203 dpi to 300 dpi.

The Zebra ZD420 offers two different DPI options: 203 dpi and 300 dpi.

Please keep this in mind when ordering your printer. Make sure that you are picking the correct dpi for your application.

Integrate into your Cloud, and manage from any location.

The ZD420 supports Zebra’s Link-OS, a unique software platform that makes it easy to integrate, manage, and maintain your printers from any location.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Zebra’s Link-OS platform.

Don’t confuse the ZD420 with the ZD410.

Both the Zebra ZD420 and the ZD410 are part of the same series of printers, which is the ZD400 Series.

Don’t confuse the two printers; the ZD420 has a maximum print width of 4 inches, while the ZD410 has a maximum print width of 2.2 inches.

The Zebra ZD420 will quickly become one of the best-selling Desktop Label Printers for space-constrained areas, as well as time-sensitive applications.

Some suggested applications include retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, security, and travel/hospitality.

The Zebra ZD420 is now available for purchase from PLS. We offer the full selection of models, with different dpi and Interface Options. Check out our selection here.

Please email us at info@professionallabelsolutions.com or call our office at 1-844-458-1078 to inquire about volume discounts, or if you have any questions at all regarding the ZD420.

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Zebra ZD420

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