At PLS, we frequently throw around the term “Printer Accessories”.

In fact, our company’s motto is “PLS, Your #1 Source for Printers, Printer Media, Software, & Accessories”.

Printer Accessories are a big part of our inventory; more specifically, Zebra Printer Accessories.

But what exactly are Zebra Printer Accessories?

This blog post will break down the different printer accessories available from PLS.

What Are Zebra Printer Accessories?

A “Printer Accessory” is defined as any piece of equipment that can be used in association with a Zebra printer.

Examples of Zebra printer accessories include charging cradles, spare batteries, carrying cases/holsters, USB/Ethernet/Serial cables, mobile printer stands, and printer components like rewinders and dispensers.

Using the proper Zebra printer accessories can help you get maximum use and efficiency from your Zebra printer.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular accessories…

Charging Cradles

Charging cradles are a crucial piece of equipment to include in your printing application. These cradles are typically used to charge the batteries for mobile printers and mobile computers/scanners.

There are a few different types of charging cradles available. Some charging cradles can accommodate an entire printer/mobile computer, and some are built to charge a battery only.

Some charging cradles are manufactured by Zebra, and some are manufactured by third parties, like Portsmith Technologies.

The bottom line is that charging cradles are useful, time-saving devices. We highly recommend that you look into purchasing cradles if you are currently using any type of mobile printer/mobile computer in your printing application.

zebra printer accessories

A Portsmith Cradle for a Motorola Mobile Computer.

Spare Batteries

Batteries are another important piece of equipment that cannot be overlooked.

All Zebra mobile printers/mobile computers will need a re-chargeable lithium ion battery.

Typically, a lithium ion battery, or a Li-Ion battery, will last for two to three years before losing the ability to hold a charge.

At this point, we recommend that end users look into purchasing replacement batteries for their mobile printer/mobile computer.

Zebra does manufacturer replacement lithium ion batteries for it’s entire family of mobile printers/mobile computers. There are also third party manufacturers like Honeywell/GTS who offer stock lithium ion batteries for Zebra products.

Are you looking to expedite and streamline your business or enterprise? Purchasing spare batteries and charging cradles can help you avoid downtime associated with charging batteries. Having a few extra Li-Ion batteries sitting on a charger will help you to keep your workforce moving forward.

zebra printer accessories

A Zebra Lithium Ion Battery

Cables for Various Interface Options 

A Zebra printer cable will ensure fast and efficient data flow without interruption. This is why it’s so important to use the proper cables for the correct interface option.

Zebra offers a huge variety of printer interface options for it’s products, including USB, Ethernet, Serial, and Parallel. Make sure that you have the correct interface for when you are looking to purchase any cables for your application.

Printer Covers and Cases

Printer covers and cases are one of the most important Zebra printer accessories available.

Quality custom-designed printer case and cover products add an extra layer of protection to your Zebra mobile printers.

Weather-resistant, soft and leather printer case products help safeguard your printer investment from harsh natural elements, such as rain and dust. In addition, cases provide a firm grip and access, as well as protection from scratches and dings

Want a cheap way to extend the life of your mobile printer?

Then look into purchasing a cover or case for your asset.

zebra printer accessories

A QLn420 Carrying Case

Carrying Straps

Carrying straps are especially useful for mobile printing applications. We don’t recommend that you jimmy-rig a DIY carrying strap; we’ve seen too many failed straps and broken printers.

Zebra carrying straps help you comfortably carry and protect your mobile printer during transport.

Carrying straps are specially designed for mobile printers and can be worn over the shoulder so your hands are free for other tasks.

Looking for another way to streamline your printing application?

Then consider purchasing carrying straps for your mobile printers/mobile computers.

Media Adapter Guides

Media adapter guides are often overlooked when it comes to Zebra Printer Accessories.

It can be easy to forget about how important it is to keep your printer media in place.

A media adapter guide helps prevent “media drift.”

Zebra media guide products help your valuable media (labels, tags, wristbands) track through the printer more precisely and are expressly designed for a variety of Zebra high-performance and mid-range printers, including the 140Xi Series, Z Series, PAX OEM print engines, and many more.

In addition, Zebra edge guides work with snap plates to ensure proper media alignment.

Label Rewinders

Does your printing application involve a large volume of labels? Will you need to print variable information on each label?

Don’t rewind your labels by hand.

Zebra offers the perfect solution for this application: a label rewinder.

Zebra Label rewinders help you with pre-printing tasks. The J-hook label rewinder design is ideal for print jobs with minor differences from label to label, such as prices or part numbers.

Label rewinders also allow you to pre-print labels with static information first. After a fast, secure and tight rewind, a second run of variable data through the printer completes the job.

Direct Thermal Printheads 

Direct thermal printheads do not last forever.

At some point, the printhead will fail.

This means that you will need to replace the failed printhead with a new functioning printhead.

Zebra printhead replacement products deliver quality, reliability and performance. The printhead is a vital printer component that creates the image on the face of the media.

Worn or damaged printheads should be replaced immediately. Every Zebra printhead is easy to install, and made to exacting engineering standards for continued reliability and performance from your printer.

Roll Holders

Did you know that Zebra Kiosk Printers need a roll holder to print properly?

A roll holder provides convenient and trouble-free feeding of media to your Zebra printer.

Optional roll holder and spindle products are available for media of many different sizes, with several holder location choices.

Expressly designed for compatible Zebra kiosk models, roll holders provide a stable, accurate and reliable guide for feeding continuous roll media into your printer.

Don’t forget to order a roll holder for your Zebra Kiosk Printer.

Never Overlook the Importance of Zebra Label Accessories

Zebra Label Accessories will help you to get the most out of your printer/mobile computer.

Don’t skimp on the printer accessories; your investment will pay for itself in due time.

Remember that all of these Zebra Printer Accessories are available for purchase in our PLS online store, under the Printer Accessories section.

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zebra printer accessories

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