Zebra Technologies is constantly introducing new, more efficient printers to replace older models.

This is one of many reasons to purchase and use Zebra printers in your workplace or organization. You will always have a top-of-the line product, with the latest technological features.

One of the newest printers to be released by Zebra is the ZQ500 Series.

What is the Zebra ZQ500 Series?

The Zebra ZQ500 Series are Mobile Printers, made up of two models: the ZQ510 and the ZQ520.

The Zebra ZQ500 Series are a replacement for the older Zebra RW Series, which consisted of two models: the RW220 and the RW420.

The Zebra RW Series Printers were designed for rugged, outdoor printing applications. The body was built from a durable, abrasive-resistant plastic that could withstand the elements, as well as falls and scrapes.

Zebra ZQ500

The Zebra RW420

The RW Series was officially discontinued on November 30th, 2015. Zebra is offering service and support on the RW Series until December 20th, 2020.

You can find out more information on the RW Series here.

What Makes the Zebra ZQ500 Series So Special?

The Zebra ZQ500 Series of Mobile Printers are, simply put, built to last.

Zebra ZQ500 Printers are lightweight, yet engineered to handle the bumps, drops and collisions that are part of the job.

The printers feature a patented military design that meets third-party-verified MIL-STD 810G military standards for shock, vibration and temperature exposure.

Extreme environments and bangs and bumps are no match for these lightweight, compact printers. Zebra’s ZQ510 and ZQ520 printers are the most rugged printers available; this is one advantage that this series has over the RW Series.

The Zebra ZQ500 Series can perform in the widest operating temperature range in the industry and can withstand repeated drops to concrete from up to 6.6 feet.

In addition, the ZQ500 Series can withstand exposure to water and water spray. These printers have an IP Code rating of IP 54.

Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate 

Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS environment, the Zebra ZQ500 Series of Printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain.

Zebra ZQ500 Printers are designed for intuitive, simple use, from the first shift to the last.

The simplified user interface reduces the amount of accidentally changed printer settings, and the large buttons increase accuracy for gloved hands and fingers.

Intuitive media loading reduces time employees spend changing rolls, and with sleep mode the printer wakes up when a job is sent and conserves battery power when not in use.

The Zebra ZQ500 Printers are Zebra’s first products to support a secondary Bluetooth communication channel, an innovative feature that allows one channel to send print jobs to the printer while a second channel performs additional functions such as device management.

These printers also feature “draft mode” which optimizes the printing speed (up to 5 inches per minute) for text-only printing.

Increase Your Mobility

The Zebra ZQ500 Series are Mobile Printers, so it makes sense that using these printers will help to increase your mobility, which in turn increases your productivity.

Zebra ZQ500 accessories are designed to optimize the tight spaces of mobile work environments, such as vehicles, through small footprints and multipurpose use.

With easy and reliable vehicle charging options, employees can grab their device and go.

The battery eliminator enables users to rely solely on vehicle power for fixed in-vehicle applications, erasing the need to replace the battery over the life of the printer.

Zebra ZQ500 Series Printers also offer adapters to attach vehicle cradles to existing e-charge and settlement room brackets.

ZQ500 Printing Specifications

The Zebra ZQ500 Series is made up of two printers: the ZQ510 and the ZQ520.

The Zebra ZQ510 features a 3″ print width, with a 203 dpi image, and a variety of interface options.

The Zebra ZQ520 features a 4″ print width, with a 203 dpi image, and a variety of interface options.

Both of these printers are direct thermal only. The ZQ500 Series does NOT offer any thermal transfer printing capabilities.

The ZQ500 Series can handle media with a .75″ core, and a 2.2″ outer diameter.

The Ultimate Mobile Printer for Rugged Applications

The Zebra ZQ500 Series are the ultimate family of printers for rugged, outdoor applications.

These printers can take a beating. They can be dropped, splashed with water, exposed to dust and grime, and still print out invoices, bar code labels, and receipts.

You can even cover your printer with a Zebra Exoskeleton, which will increase drop resistance to a whopping 12 ft. That’s right, you can drop this printer from 12 ft, and it will still be working!

Check out our exclusive Youtube video on the Zebra ZQ520.

They are easy-to-use, and easy-to-integrate into your operations. The ZQ500 Series is smaller and lighter than the RW Series.

Use the Zebra ZQ500 Series in warehousing, asset tracking, retail, and utility/outdoor applications.

All models of the Zebra ZQ510 and ZQ520 are now available for purchase from PLS, at the best prices available.

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Zebra ZQ500

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