Don Johnson has a problem.

His company, Omni Consumer Products, is in need of a special solution.

This solution requires custom thermal transfer labels that can withstand extreme environments like heat, water, and gunpowder. The R & D team at Omni Consumer Products will be using these labels to test a new type of cybernetic law enforcement prototype.

Don has his job cut out for him.

A solution for this type of application is difficult to find. These labels will have to be printed on the fly, which means they will be printed from a Mobile Printer.

This presents another problem: Where does one find a Mobile Printer that can print thermal transfer labels?

Is there any way that a Mobile Printer can print direct thermal labels instead? This will eliminate the use of a ribbon.

Don has to act quickly. His boss, Dick Jones, has been nagging him to generate results. Don’s job and his livelihood are on the line!

So Don does what anyone else in his shoes would do: he looks on Amazon to see if he can find a cheap solution for his application.

What are the results?

Don finds a handful of mobile printers that he THINKS will work for this application, but he has no one he can physically talk to. Amazon is a HUGE, multi-national company. He needs answers NOW, not in a week or two.

Don then visits a few other popular e-commerce sites. The situation is the same. Lots of maybes, but no definite answers.

Time is running short. Deadlines are looming. Don begins to dread the future.

What can Don do to fix his solution? Omni Consumer Products is going to cash him out if he can’t produce!


Don’t be a Don Johnson.

What Does PLS Do?
PLS Provides Solutions for a Variety of Applications.

If Don had contacted PLS right away, he would have already had a solution in place.

He would have discovered that there is a new, heat-resistant direct thermal label called the Zebra ThermaLock 4000D.

He would have discovered that the Zebra ThermaLock 4000D is a custom label material, that can be manufactured in a variety of sizes.

And he would have discovered that he can print heat-resistant direct thermal labels from a mobile printer.

These important factors would have saved his company, Omni Consumer Products, a huge amount of money and time. His boss, Dick Jones, would have promoted him!

Instead, Don squandered his time on Amazon, and bought the wrong type of printer. Now Bob Morton gets the promotion…

Simply put, PLS provides solutions for a variety of printing applications.

These solutions come in the form of printers, printer media, software, accessories, and service.

Here are some blog posts that help to better explain some of our solutions, including custom printer media and printer accessories.

PLS specializes in printing applications from a huge variety of fields, including Retail/POS, ERP/AIDC, Healthcare, Mobility, Warehouse/Shipping/Logistics, and Government/Public Sector.

Why Not Buy Directly from the Manufacturer?

There is a simple answer to this question.

The manufacturer is a just that, a manufacturer.

The job of the manufacturer is to test and create solutions, not to sell them. In the case of Zebra Technologies, they rely on an organized network of Authorized Partners to provide solutions to the customer.

A partner, or reseller, receives regular training and information on new and old solutions. This allows resellers to provide a customer with all of the necessary information to make the best buying decision.

PLS is an Authorized Reseller of Zebra printers, printer media, software, and accessories. We also offer a huge variety of products and accessories from brands like Datamax-O’Neil, SATO, Brother, Honeywell, and Intermec.

Get Information, Consultation, and the Best Customer Service from PLS.

It’s a proven fact that buying from a reseller can provide you, the customer, with a multitude of benefits.

We’ve already written about the benefits of buying from a reseller. Check out our blog post here.

Are you like our friend Don Johnson? Maybe you have some questions or concerns that you would like to have addressed?

PLS has got you covered. To put it bluntly, we’re obsessed with our industry and our desire to put the customer first.

Ask us any question you may have. We’ll give you an answer, and help you to keep your project moving forward.

Are you having problems implementing your solution? Maybe you need demo printers or label samples?

Since we’re an Authorized Reseller, we can offer customers support, samples, and prices that are NOT available on websites like Amazon, Newegg, eBay, etc.

Contact PLS to Help You Implement your Next Solution.

We are here to serve you. Contact PLS anytime at 1-844-458-1078, or email us at

PLS can provide all of the necessary information, consultation, and pricing to get your project moving.

Don’t end up like Don Johnson. He lost his promotion to Bob Morton. What a chump.

Pick PLS to help you implement your next solution.


Don’t let this guy show you up.

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