Everyone knows about the Zebra Industrial Printer Series, but not everyone knows what makes this series so special.

What does “industrial printer” even mean?

Are these printers limited in their use?

Can they only be used in warehouse/industrial applications?

What the heck does “110Xi4” even stand for?

Our guide to the Zebra 110Xi4 will break down this printer’s most important features, along with some popular applications for this printer.

The Printer of a Thousand Features

Like Lon Chaney, the 110Xi4 is The Printer of a Thousand “Features”.

guide to the zebra 110xi4

Let’s take a quick look at what these features are.

The Zebra 110Xi4 is one of four printers in the Xi4 Series. The other three printers are as follows:

Zebra 140Xi4 – 5.04″ print width
Zebra 170Xi4 – 6.6″ print width
Zebra 220Xi4 – 8.5″ print width

As you can see, each of these printers features a different maximum print width.

The 110Xi4 features a maximum print width of 4.09″.

This means that you can use the 110Xi4 to print shipping labels, asset-tags, and other standard sized labels.

One of the 110Xi4’s best features is it’s fast print speed; the 110Xi4 has a maximum print speed of 14 IPS, or 14 inches per second.

Multiple interface options are another strong point of the 110Xi4. This printer is available with the following interface options:

Wifi (802.11 b/g)

A large variety of interface options means that you can easily integrate this printer into your workplace.

Print resolution is an important factor when selecting a printer. The 110Xi4 has you covered with three different print resolutions:

203 dpi
300 dpi
600 dpi

PLS recommends that you use higher dpi resolutions for smaller labels and high-definition barcodes.

Like all Zebra Industrial Printers, the 110Xi4 features the following printing modes:

Direct Thermal
Thermal Transfer 

Also, all 110Xi4 printers are manufactured to be “RFID Ready”.

This means that you’ll have the option to add an RFID Encoder to the printer, which will allow you to encode and print your own RFID labels and tags.

The RFID Encoder is sold as a separate accessory to the 110Xi4.

Zebra does offer the R110Xi4, which comes with an RFID Encoder installed into the body of the printer.

Let’s not forget the other accessories that can be installed onto the 110Xi4: a Label Cutter and a Rewinder with a peeler.

These options can be purchased with your 110Xi4, or you can purchase them later on and install them yourself.

Remember the best label rewinder for large-scale printing applications is available here, from PLS.

The Best Printer for Printing Narrow Labels

No one thinks about media drift until it happens to them.

What exactly is media drift?

Media drift is when a label drifts to one side while passing through the printhead. The end result is a label with a misprinted image.

Media drift is VERY common when you are printing onto narrow labels. Some examples of a narrow label include .50 inches, .75 inches, or even 1 inch.

Zebra printers all have media guides built into the printer, but most guides are better suited for standard label sizes, like a 4″ x 6″ label. Diagnosing a printing problem caused by media drift can be one of the most FRUSTRATING situations you’ll ever encounter.

This is where the 110Xi4, and the entire Xi4 Series, really shines.

The Zebra 110Xi4 has an additional media guide built into it’s body, which allows you to easily print onto narrow labels without any problems.

The 110Xi4’s ability to handle narrow media, combined with an optional high-definition 600 dpi printhead, makes it the perfect printer for manufacturing/laboratory/technological applications.

You’ll never find a better printer to print circuit board or specimen labels.

A Workhorse of a Printer for High-Volume Printing

The Zebra 110Xi4 is a workhorse of a printer, end of story.

Zebra Xi4 Series printers are legendary for their durability, outstanding print quality, fast throughput, long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications.

These qualities translate into low total cost of ownership, making them an ideal smart investment for businesses with high-volume, mission-critical and specialty labeling applications.

Xi4 models with 14”/356 mm-per-second print speeds provide one of the fastest technologies on the market, improving productivity in batch printing and print-and-apply lines.

A durable metal printhead mechanism delivers outstanding print quality over the long run, reducing or eliminating downtime for printhead replacement.

The long-proven Xi series platform is designed and built to work nonstop, all day, every day.

Quickly identify and resolve printer issues with early warning systems that indicate when to service the printhead and change ribbons/media, and with remote printer management/monitoring.

In life, you get what you pay for. If you pay a low price for a low-volume printer, then you’ll be restricting your workplace productivity, as well as exposing yourself to unexpected downtime when your printer breaks.

The 110Xi4 is an enterprise-class industrial printer, perfect for a variety of printing applications.

If your application requires a heavy amount of printing, then consider spending extra funds on an Xi4 Series industrial printer.

Contact PLS for Information on the 110Xi4

Purchasing a Zebra 110Xi4 is not always a simple process.

There are several different models of the 110Xi4 available; which one is right for you?

PLS can provide you with useful information and competitive pricing, whether you’re buying 1 or 10,000 110Xi4s.

Feel free to contact our sales reps at 844-458-1078, or email us anytime at info@professionallabelsolutions.com.

We’re happy to help!

guide to the zebra 110xi4

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