What is Professional Label Solutions?

It’s a big world out there. To be honest, there are a TON of companies and startups with the name “PLS”.

We didn’t let that stop us from using the abbreviation. Instead, we’ve decided to make “PLS” unique again.

So what does PLS really stand for?

PLS is short for Professional Label Solutions LLC. 

Professional Label Solutions, or PLS, is a reseller of a variety of ERP/AIDC, Mobility, Barcode, Retail, and Healthcare Solutions. These solutions include printers, printer media, software, and accessories.

PLS has been helping customers and businesses since 2015. Our offices are located in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business enterprise.


We’ve written some easy-to-understand blog posts about some of our specialties. Here’s one on custom printer media, and here’s one on printer accessories.

Did we mention that we offer a huge selection of Zebra products? In addition to Zebra, we also carry other brands like Honeywell, SATO, Brother, Datamax O’Neil, and Intermec.

Buying from resellers like Professional Label Solutions can save you time and money. Find out how in this blog post.

What is the PLS Company Mantra?

At PLS, our mantra is KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

It’s no secret that the world of ERP/AIDC Solutions can be quite complicated. Our goal is to help to implement your solution in a simple, efficient manner.

We achieve this by offering you consultations, free quotes and sample materials, and the best prices around.

Unnecessary complications slow you down. When you work with PLS, we speed you up!

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We are crazy about social media. What better way to keep people informed on the happenings of your respective company and industry?

Our respective industry is changing ALL THE TIME. Change comes in the form of new and improved hardware like the ultra-compact Zebra ZD410, or in the form of direct thermal labels that can withstand 18 months of outdoor exposure.

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Why Choose Professional Label Solutions?

We get this question alot. After all, there is no shortage of resellers in the ERP/AIDC world. Heck, you can even buy printers and printer media from Amazon.

But none of those alternatives can offer you what PLS can: unbeatable prices without compromising on customer service.

Professional Label Solutions can offer you all of the advantages that a large scale enterprise can offer you, with the intimate and efficient customer service of a small business.

Another enormous advantage of working with PLS is our close working relationship with Zebra Technologies. This means that we can provide media samples and demo units to end users faster than anyone else.

Also, Professional Label Solutions is a 100% Minority Owned Business Enterprise. This is extremely beneficial to customers and end users who may have corporate Vendor Diversity quotas.

What Are You Waiting For?

The story of Professional Label Solutions is never ending. Our goal is to continue growing and expanding our customer base, while providing value and excellent service to our customers and end users.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you in the market for new hardware? Do you have a custom media project that you’ve been itching to implement? Is it time for you to work on streamlining your business productivity?

PLS is here to serve you. Feel free to call us anytime at 1-844-458-1078, or email us at info@professionallabelsolutions.com. Our reps are happy to help!

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