Gerson Cedillos
Gerson CedillosCEO & Founder
PLS was founded by Gerson Cedillos in 2014, with a goal to provide custom media to businesses and organizations in a more efficient, streamlined way.

In addition to custom media, PLS offers printers, stock media/consumables, software, accessories, and even printing services to deliver a well-rounded solution.

Mr. Cedillos and his team at PLS are passionate about creating a user-friendly experience that offers businesses and organizations information, convenience, and value.

In addition to overseeing the day to day operations of the company, Mr. Cedillos is vigilant in ensuring that each and every sale reflects on his own personal standard for customer service and value. This means that every customer is treated right, and that the best value is passed along each and every time.

In other words, he is a very hands-on CEO.

Madeline Cedillos
Madeline CedillosCorporate Administrator
Madeline Cedillos has played a critical role in the founding of PLS. In addition to spearheading the original development of the company website, Mrs. Cedillos was responsible for creating the administrative infrastructure of the organization.

Mrs. Cedillos currently serves as the Corporate Administrator for PLS. This crucial role allows PLS to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

In addition to serving as Corporate Administrator, Mrs. Cedillos also manages the various social media accounts for PLS. Social Media allows PLS to provide customers with easy-to-understand and useful content.

Stuart Alexander
Stuart AlexanderSales Manager of PLS ID Card Group
“Stu” is responsible for the management and implementation of various ID card solutions.

His specialties include Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, and Security ID card applications.

Mr. Alexander has served with various other sales organizations as an ID card sales representative. His knowledge of ID card applications is a valued asset to PLS.

Sam Smith WC
Sam Smith WCWest Coast Sales Representative for PLS
Mr. Smith is responsible for servicing a variety of different accounts in the West Coast, Southwest, and Northwestern United States.

His specialty fields include media/consumables, desktop hardware, and MMJ labeling applications.

Mr. Smith is one of PLS’s best assets, as he is able to provide end users with information and consultations that allow them to make the best purchasing decisions possible.

In addition, Mr. Smith has served on a variety of automotive racing teams, assisting in the maintenance and upkeep of high-end vehicles. His experiences in racing have allowed PLS to focus on team-building within our own sales force, which allows us to better serve the customer.